TrendVision MR-710GP

Артикул: TVMR720C
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По Москве: Самовывоз: Бориса Галушкина д 19 к 2, доставка сегодня
По Санкт-Петербургу:  Самовывоз: Пр Качалова д 7 оф 216, доставка сегодня
По России: CDEK от 2-3 дней. Самовывоз CDEK от 2-3 дней

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TrendVision MR-710GP has the most powerful processor Ambarella A7LA70 and the best CMOS-sensor OmniVision OV4689 onboard. Best video quality (SuperHD), wide angle glass lens, double memory cards slot (SD and microSD), GPS-module, CPL-filter, analog camera connection (optional).

Bracket system

TrendVision MR-710GP is designed as a rearview mirror clip-on dashcam. It can easily be attached to rearview mirror of any shape and thickness using 2 rubber brackets.



Super powerful processor, high sensitive CMOS-sensor and super fast lens are the three components of success. Maximum video recording resolution of 2304x1296px (3K) is 1.4 times better, then the most other dashcams have. High speed video recording (60fps) for best quality  and HDR/WDR recording modes for capturing videos even in low light conditions.




GPS-module with a go through power supply connection. GPS-module can be used for adjusting date and time, set up coordinates, speed, the route as well as notification of cameras and speed guns.

Quick removable CPL-filter

Use CPL-filter to remove reflections on the windshield to allow to make more quality videos. Filter can be removed or set up by one hand.

Two memory cards

MR-710GP has 2 memory cards slots – SD (up to 32GB) and microSD (up to 128GB) with a support of exFAT file system.


You can use a wide high contrast 4.3’’ display as a parking monitor while the parking camera is connected.

Few batteries

Few batteries are integrated into MR-710. For longer standby, one for faster satellites search.


Unique design. No analogs.

A unique body design was designed by Russian engineers. Convinient socket location allows to hide  wires going from the device.body_710.png

2. Design: Mirror
1. Resolution: SuperHD 1296P
7. Number of cameras: two
8. card Support: 128Гб
6. GPS: Yes
9. Wi-Fi: нет
5. CPU: Ambarella A7LA50
4. Viewing angle: 160/115
6. Battery: Yes
23. Температура работы: -30° ~ +50°
9. HDR: Yes
25. FPS: 60
11. CPL-Filter: Yes
Бренд: TrendVision
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1) Санкт-Петербург самовывоз, ул. Профессора Качалова д. 7 оф. 102- сегодня, время работы: ПН-ПТ 09-18, СБ-ВС-выходной
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