TrendVision MR-700

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Budget DVR-mirror from TrendVision. Updated platform and improved housing. Two slots for memory cards of 128 GB. HDR mode. The ability to use the registrar as a parking system.

Характеристики MR-700

The company introduced a new unique TrendVision DVRs in the mirror housing, designed specifically for the Russian market. A new series of video recorders, including model TrendVision MR-700, built on the video processor Ambarella A7, CMOS-sensor OmniVision OV4689 and aperture lens that will provide high quality images under all lighting conditions.

A feature of the whole series DVRs HDR mode is implemented by means of hardware sensors. CPU power thus would not be used. In this mode, the addition of 2 shots with different exposures. Hardware HDR provides a FullHD resolution in a wider dynamic range than the WDR program mode. Moreover, in contrast to the widely advertised program modes WDR hardware HDR (High Dynamic Range) MR-700 allows you to create really high-quality image in a high-contrast scenes and low light. For example, state license plates the vehicle in front at night is likely to be read and not be of a white blur.

TrendVision MR-700 received a new and improved housing, which has been developed by experts TrendVision based on user feedback to the previous model TrendVision TV-103. The new building is unique and has no analogues in the world. Its features:. Thickness of only 14mm, the increased stiffness antiosleplyayuschee mirror coating, easy mounting, large screen 4.3 ", two slots for memory cards, the connection of additional reverse analog camera, convenient buttons with automatically switchable backlight OFF, screen recorder is similar to an ordinary panoramic overlay.
Settings include automatic power-off the monitor after a specified time, the owner. Turning the monitor is automatically either when the registrar or at the time of recording by pressing any button.
When viewing the video directly on the display of the DVR may apply the function 10x digital zoom, which will consider any small parts up to numbers of cars.


An important feature was the change in the location of the connectors. In the new mirrors on all the main connectors TrendVision recess in the housing, which is beneficial impact both on the appearance of the plant itself, and on the possibility of using this type of registrars in certain car models. TrendVision MR-700 can be installed in absolutely any car brand. In other registrars with a similar form factor connectors from the power supply and camera reverse can touch the ceiling of the car.

Another competitive advantage of the new building has been the emergence of the second slot for SD card is full. That is, in the MR-700 TrendVision just two slots for memory cards. What is important is that the registrar supports exFAT mode, which means that the device supports memory cards of up to 128GB. When using the two slots at once - total memory capacity can be immediately 256GB.

The "copy for the record" in this device, as well as in all other registrars TrendVision, implemented. Copy from one memory card to a second possible one or just a few spots at the same time. The volume of data is limited only by the card, which should be copied.

The two memory card slots are located exactly at the lower end TrendVision MR-700 body. Whereas in the older DVRs slot is located on the top of the ceiling and remove a memory card becomes a process rather difficult, MR-700 - this deficiency is completely devoid of.

rendVision MR-700 may be used as part of the parking system. Just connect an optional analog reverse camera, and the image from this camera will be automatically displayed on the screen MR-700 when reverse gear.

TrendVision MR-700 is a light version of the DVR. The delivery of this version does not include GPS-module and a polarizing CPL-Filter. Here in our store you can purchase the full version TrendVison MR-700GP, supplied which includes GPS and a polarizing filter, as testifies to the letter G (GPS) and P (polarization filter).


Видеообзор TrendVision MR-700

Video Example TrendVision MR-700
Resolution Full HD 1920x1080, wide dynamic range mode (HDR).
The video quality is in this mode, the MR-700 TrenVision and MR-710GP identical.


Автомобильные видеорегистраторы TrendVision MR-700GP и MR-700 реализованы на новом видеопроцессоре Ambarella A7LA30. Это мощный процессор, который позволяет реализовать множество дополнительных возможностей. По мере изучения возможностей данной платформы, прошивка совершенствуется, добавляются новые функции.

  Current firmware: VER201503201821G-R (.zip, 14.9МБ) 

2. Design: Mirror
2. Радар-детектор (Антирадар): нет
1. Resolution: FullHD 1080P
7. Number of cameras: one
8. card Support: 128Гб
6. GPS: No
7. Вид крепления: Резиновые стяжки
8. Экран: 4,3"
9. Wi-Fi: нет
10. Детектор движения: есть
11. Штамп времени и даты: есть
5. CPU: Ambarella A7LA30
13. Матрица: OmniVision
4. Viewing angle: 160/115
15. ГЛОНАСС: нет
16. Датчик удара (G-сенсор): есть
17. Ночной режим: есть
18. Парковочный режим: есть
19. Режим записи: смешанный (непрерывный/циклический)
20. Запись события в нестираемый файл: есть
21. Штамп номера автомобиля: есть
6. Battery: Li-ion + суперконденсатор
23. Температура работы: -30° ~ +50°
9. HDR: Yes
25. FPS: 30
11. CPL-Filter: No
27. Поворот камеры: нет
28. Копия для протокола: есть
30. Питание от прикуривателя: да
Бренд: TrendVision

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